Body Art Bus is the first and only fully licensed mobile tattoo studio in Southern California and was established in 2010. We have been innovating growth within the tattoo industry every time our keys hit the ignition. We are a professional team of award winning artists that specialize in events, and private parties. Our uniqueness, and exclusivity dominates the tattoo and entertainment industry by being the first of its kind. We keep creating new terrains that demand the industry to follow by renting our bus exclusively to other professional tattooers. We have successfully built the bridge for this artistic lifestyle to be viewed by the mainstream legally and safe. There is nothing like us in the industry, and our motto is “Tattoo Anywhere”.Our buses is are one of a kind, with a state of the art sound system, hospital safe/sterile environment, and award winning artists.


There is no tattoo we cannot do, we specialize in every style:



Take your private party, or event to the next level of fun and excitement by having a tattoo shop in the convenience of your own home, business, or venue. The reception of our presence is incredible. We bring an element of beauty, art, and thrill.

Features of the bus

  • State of the Art sound system with 15 speakers
  • Waiting area with custom seats and a flat screen monitor for their viewing pleasure
  • Hospital Clean and sterile tattoo work area
  • Printer, scanner, and stencil maker for artists
  • Heated sink with a automatic paper towel dispenser for artists
  • A versatile work area that can cater up to 2 artists
  • The busses dimensions are 9X25X9 and can be taken to any home, business or event.
  • Over 100 hours of detailed airbrushed art work that can bee seen on the interior and exterior of the bus. Done by Joey Chavez (Owner)


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