Why become a member of the Body Art Bus?

Imagine a world were you could tattoo anywhere. Sounds far fetched doesn’t it? Through rigerous research and development we bring to you the Body Art Bus, southern California’s first and only fully licensed Mobile tattoo studio. Stop limiting your art just to tattoo conventions, and tattoo shops. We can give you the freedom to tattoo at events, carshows, bike shows, concerts, skate parks, beach, mountains, river, desert and private parties legally. Become a member of Body Art Bus today with NO YEARLY FEE which allows access to rent one of our buses.


Membership Benefits

-Access to rent one of the buses with a discounted membership rate

-Personal driver to and from your destination.

-24 hour real time bus scheduling

-We take care of all necessary county permits for events, and shows with a small fee

How do I become a member now?

by emailing and we will send you an application form that must be emailed back to us. Please note we  DO NOT approve all artists for memebeship at the Body Art Bus. We want to make sure that you are an experienced artist for quality assurance to all clients being tattooed on the bus.

Buses for rent

Bus 1- Triple O.G

9x25x9 fully custom tattoo studio

-Personal driver

-Fits up to 2 artists with a fully versatile workstation with 1 arm rest and 1 massage table

-Fully supplied (disposable tubes,needles, ink caps, green soap, madacide, paper towles)

-Operating sink with hot and cold water

1500 watt 18 speaker state of the art system

-Waiting area with a LCD monitor copier, printer, and office supplies

100% Disposable environment

-Rental Fee: $499.99 daily rental (8-13 hours)

Bus 2- Permanent Vacation

-Premium 35X11 fully licensed mobile tattoo studio

-Personal Driver

-State of the art sound system fully equipped with an Exterior monitor to loop any promo video while in transit. During an event the exterior monitor brings all the action from the inside live for the audience to see.

3 fully versatile workstations and fully supplied (only disposable tubes, needles, ink caps, and paper towels)tattoo stations, along with arm rests, and a massage table

100% disposable environment

-Fully operating hot and cold sink -Office area, computer (Adobe Creative Suite), printer, copier, lightboard, and art supplies

-fully functional motorized awning for events

-Interactive waiting area for guests

-Premium showstopper with custom air brushing

-Rental fee: $999.00 daily rental (8-10 hours)


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a daily rental?

A daily rental is 8-10 hours of usage of any of the buses. Anything over 10 hours if you need the bus longer please call us so we can coordinate any extra time needed.

Do I have to be a licensed tattoo artist to use the bus?

Yes, and the license has to be current.

Do I have to have a Bloodborne pathogens license?

Yes, and the certificate needs to be current and valid within the County you will work in.

Can anybody become a member?

No, there is an authorization process to become a member. We look at your tattoo work via social media or email. We uphold our mission statement of giving the highest quality tattoo work to all our clients.

What if I dont need the bus all day, will I still be charged a full day?

Call us we can arrange a price fit for your specification of time.

Is the bus legal?

Yes, we are licensed in Los Angeles county, Riverside County, San Diego County, and Orange County. San Bernardino private parties only at residential locations.

Can you use the bus for piercing?

Yes, the bus is completely versatile for both piercings and tattoos.

Why is the rental so expensive?

It’s worth the value in promotion, and tattoos. As an artist your only limited to tattooing at a shop or tattoo coventions legally. A typical tattoo convention can cost around $600.00-$1,000.00 and the ratio of artists is higher then customers. With the Body Art Bus you are the ONLY artist at any event you choose.







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